Interesting facts to know about tricolor basset hound!

tricolor basset hound

Tricolor basset hound can change their coat colors. How much black will turn brown is challenging to predict, especially at the ears and the ends of the legs. It is by far the most common Basset Hound coat colour. Basset Hounds are instantly recognizable by their classic tricolour coat of tan, brown, and white, with … Read more

Everything you need to know about Husky Eskimo!

husky eskimo

Husky Eskimo, a hybrid Siberian husky and an American Eskimo dog, emerged as a recognized dog breed in the late 1990s. Beautiful canines that are also enthusiastic and loving, loyal and devoted, energetic and full of fun. Keeping them occupied is to everyone’s benefit, as it becomes more challenging to maintain order if they are … Read more

Everything you need to know about Husky that dont shed!

husky that dont shed

Husky that dont shed: Siberian Huskies are highly prized as a breed because of their gorgeous and thick coats. Although it is nice to have something to hug, the constant shedding can be a real pain. Over several decades, experienced crossbreeding breeders have developed husky mixes that shed significantly less than purebred huskies. They have … Read more