Everything you need to know about Wet farts!

wet farts

Wet farts may be caused by the food or drink that a person has just consumed.  When a person farts, they may have watery flatulence, which occurs when liquid is expelled along with the air. There is a possibility that an underlying health ailment causes wet farts, such as an issue with the digestive system. … Read more

Everything you need to know about Hydrocolonic!


Hydrocolonic is a valuable diagnostic technique that may be used to examine colonic volume and motility to forecast the kind and amount of enema required for efficient bowel control. Compared to conventional colonoscopy, hydrocolonic ultrasound is an imaging method with a lower overall cost. The colon, or big intestine, processes waste and absorbs water and … Read more

Everything you need to know about boxer terriers!

boxer terrier

Boxer terrier is intelligent canines with boundless amounts of physical and mental energy. Their temperament reflects the values they were taught as children. They prefer being in the company of their owners and are dedicated companions that will fiercely protect their owners, children, and property from any perceived harm. Only a small percentage of boxers … Read more